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Introducing the Cantaloupe Multipurpose Leash - the perfect accessory for any dog owner! Made from high-quality 5/8ths inch biothane, this leash is not only durable but also versatile. It can be used as a slip lead, a standard leash, over the shoulder, or around the waist, making it a must-have for those who love to take their furry friends on different adventures. Get your hands on the Cantaloupe Multipurpose Leash today and experience the ultimate convenience and functionality

Cantaloupe Multipurpose Leash

  • BioThane® is the brand name of all coated webbing products made by BioThane Coated Webbing Corp. It’s basically a polyester webbing with a TPU or PVC coating that makes it more durable, waterproof, easy to clean and weldable.


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