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Our Adventure Collection has some of our best sellers! Our 1" Quick Release Collar in the size of your choosing, Long Line (25ft), Ambrosia Ball Holder, and a bandana of your choosing.


Our Quick Release Collar is made of 1" biothane and a quick release buckle. Our Long Line is a great lead that can be used to help teach your dog recalls, as well as give them more space to play and explore. We've also included the ambrosia ball holder to help keep your hands and bags clean from mucky balls.  

All hardware will be the same throughout the set. 

In the options below, please use picture 4 to help denote which colors you would like throughout your set.

Leash 25ft - Handle, Handle + Oring, No handle
Collar (Base Color & Strap Keeper)
Ambrosia Ball holder (Up to two collars)

You may also give me a few colors and I will design the set for you. 

If you leave the bandana section blank, I will choose a bandana that best matches the colors youve chosen. 

Adventure Collection


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