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Our watermelon collection is my personal favorite! It includes a 1" watermelon collar in the size of your choosing, our watermelon standard leash, a crenshaw ball extender, and a bandana of your choosing. Our watermelon collar is a two toned collar, that is split with an O Ring. Our watermelon standard leash includes up to four biothane collars! It also includes a detachable traffic lead (10") within the length chosen. 

All hardware will be the same throughout the set. 

In the options below, please use picture 5 to help denote which colors you would like throughout your set.

Leash (1,2,3,4) & any 'additional' hardware accents
Collar (Buckle Side BS, Hole Side HS, Strap Keeper SK)
Ball Extender (X)

You may also give me a few colors and I will design the set for you. 

If you leave the bandana section blank, I will choose a bandana that best matches the colors youve chosen. 

Watermelon Collection


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